February Picks (Fashion Week Roundup)

It’s that time of year when fashion capitals around the world come alive in what would otherwise be dreary February.  Haute Couture might seem like a distant fairytale-like dream, but, in reality, following the avant-guard trends of supermodels can be super helpful in figuring out the ins and outs of upcoming seasons, and keeping up with the world of fashion.  I love looking at the design that goes into the shows and reading about what everyone is wearing, so I came up with a list of the most common and most crazy trends that have been appearing on runways for my February article.

  1. Mini bags

High fashion tends to draw in the extremes with mostly everything over the top and big, but, in this case, the extreme is tiny with the idea that something subtle can easily catch attention.  The trend of mini bags comes at a time when people don’t need a huge purse to carry their lives with them since all that is really needed nowadays is a smartphone and credit card.  It’s a crazy concept, but it’s also super convenient and easy.  Who really wants to tote around a large bag all day anyway?

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 1.55.15 PM.png

Gigi Hadid spotted walking in Milan with a mini purse.  Vogue.com

2.  Suit wear and blazers

A bit of a surprising revitalization, but professional wear has been getting a fashionable makeover with elaborate blazers and classy suiting skirts.  I personally love this trend since it is very sophisticated and shows that dressing up never goes out of style.  Oversized blazers and embroidery are really spearheading it and allowing suiting to be an edgier concept.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 9.43.27 PM.png

A model in Gucci’s Milan Fashion Week show sporting a New York inspired suit that had a very classic retro feel.

3.   Fringe

This fun trend is perfect for spring and summer, and can really add a lot of character to an outfit.  Practically every kind of clothing can be found this season with fringe from skirts and formal dresses to sweaters, shirts, and purses with tassels.



4.   Athleisure

Athletic clothing is starting to move more into high-end fashion with the growing trend of athleisure style.  It is pretty much a cross between athletic clothing and fashion that can be sported both inside and outside the gym.  This growing trend is perfect for busy days and really helps to keep you motivated and fit.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 6.38.43 PM

Leggings as apart of a gym ready groutfit were found at the Alexander Wang New York show.

5.   Bold Prints and Stripes

Floral print, animal print, stripes (you name it) are super popular with brands showcasing a ton of color and bright bold patterns on their clothing.  Shake off the winter blues with fuchsia stripes (yes, fuchsia is trending), or floral everything to start off summer on the right foot.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 6.39.21 PM

A look from the Michael Kors NYFW show that shows all sorts of prints at once.


6.   Plaid

Plaid is all over the place right now, literally everywhere!  Many designers are carrying out collections of vintage plaid suiting, tartan, and even rainbow plaid.  Burberry turned to color during London Fashion Week, and Versace had what is being deemed a Cher Horowitz Clueless moment with 90s style colored plaid everything outfits.  Plaid is a great timeless style that can be worn anywhere.



7.  Big Sleaves and big shirts

Make a statement with big sleeves and wrap shirts this summer.  Last year, off the shoulder and cold shoulder dresses were all the rage (and expect that to continue this spring/summer), but this year, the shirts are going to get even bigger.  Abstract wrap shirts are the perfect way to look put-together and fashionable, as they stand out and look chic.




12 Tips for Smarter Online Shopping

In this cyber-obsessed world that we live in, shopping has become completely associated with the internet.  Commercial malls are dying a painful death, department stores are suffering, and small businesses are loosing more and more customers as people become reliant on their screens.  What has flourished as a result, however, is online shopping.  With everyone connected to their phones and computers, buying clothing online is becoming easier and easier.  It’s easy to see why with the convenience and accessibility; every possible thing is available online right at your figure tips.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 9.30.45 PM

It is truly amazing being able to shop all day long on your computer, but the kicker is how fast the prices of everything add up.  I live in a rural town which means I am constantly relying on online shopping for every need, and being a college student who enjoys splurging on clothes, it’s vital that I try to save every penny I possibly can.  Here are 12 ways to help save money while shopping online:

  1. Promo Codes are your best friend
    • One of the biggest benefits of shopping online is the existence of promo codes which are essentially online sales that don’t usually happen instore.  Brands will have them all the time, and they range from “free shipping” to “25% off entire store”.  Using them is definitely the greatest weapon when it comes to saving money online.
  2. Stay clear of buying things at full price (unless you absolutely love or need that item)
    • As a general rule, don’t buy anything at full price (including the price for shipping).  It does not take long for items to go on sale, and, unlike stores, it is much easier to find great “full price-like” clothing online.  I usually spot something that I like and then wait for it to either have a promo code discount or for it to go on sale.  For me, there is literally never a need to pay full price.
  3. Discover online retailers
    • With a changing fashion industry and the growth of online shopping, the “online retailer” has emerged as a new and very popular concept for shoppers.    Many sites focus on curating a great selection of well-known (as well as new) brands with an emphasis on style and quality.  Shopbop is a fabulous online retailer that specializes in both boutique designers and haute couture to create a trendy mid to high range priced vibe.  Net-a-Porter and Moda Operandi are both well known high-end retailers that, unlike physical stores, make buying designer couture more reasonable with generous sales.  Asos is a British brand that focuses on more fast fashion with great prices.  It is super convenient and has a wide variety of clothing.
  4. But also check out department stores online
    • Department stores have been steadily declining for years (tear), but some stores are adapting to the internet by offering an easy way to shop their stores online.  Stores like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Ave are practically just other online retailers with great selections of trendy and classic clothing.  They too have great promotions and offer ways to save money online rather than going to the actual stores.  Both Nordstrom and Saks often offer quick free shipping and have super easy free return policies.  It’s practically like you’re trying on their clothes instore in the comfort of your own home!
  5. If you are a student, always try to see if there is a student discount
    • Some stores have great instore student discounts which serve as an incentive to travel to the closest mall, but recently companies are starting to allow student discounts online, too.  Both Topshop and Asos use an online British platform that you sign up for once and are automatically eligible for a discount.  This is perfect for us Americans who don’t have much access to these stores.  As online shopping becomes even more widespread, I imagine that more companies will start offering discounts.
  6. Sign up for Honey (literally the best thing ever)
    • Honey is a program that notifies you of any promo codes while you check out of a store.  It’s super easy and does it all for you.  What is even more amazing is that Honey will also practically pay you to shop online.  You can get 1-10% or 1-5% back on purchases with sites that Honey is connected to and then redeem that cash for various online gift cards.
    • Click here to join: joinhoney.com/ref/adofmeScreen Shot 2018-02-12 at 7.47.46 PM
  7. Become loyalty members at your favorite online stores
    • First of all, signing up to be on the email lists of stores is super helpful because you can get special deals and such, but some stores offer loyalty memberships that will offer you even more.  Sephora, for example, gives you points, free samples for every online purchase, and special free gift promotions for their members.  It’s perfect for any college student who cannot just get themselves to the nearest beauty supplier to restock on makeup, lotion, products, etc.
  8. Sign up for Shop It To Me (An AMAZING email service)
    • Shop It To Me is an email service that sends you daily emails of any items from your favorite brands that are on sale anywhere on the internet.  What is even better is that everything they show you on sale is guaranteed to be in your size since you give them all of your sizes when you sign up.  It makes bargain shopping extremely easy and accessible.  Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 9.10.01 PM
  9. Download the app Keep
    • Keep is another great program that takes trending items from all over the internet and shows them to you in a feed.  You can then like or buy those items at the best price around.  If you like an item, Keep emails you whenever that item has gone on sale somewhere.  The app is essentially a social media platform for shopping and is literally addicting.  Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 9.27.29 PM.png
  10. Subscribe to Cools (email publication)
    • Cools is another great fashion based email subscription that notifies you of big sales happening online, in addition to them constantly updating you on note-worthy trends.  They release emails every week or so, keeping you in the loop of everything fashion related going on online.
  11. Use Polyvore
    • Yet another great resource that can save you a lot of money online; Polyvore is a site that drawls in clothing vendors from all over the internet to show clothes categorized by the trend.  You can like a trend, and then get notified when items under that trend go on sale.  The site has a ton of other services that are amazing and very useful for online shopping, in addition to an email service that also showcases current trends from the internet every week.  Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 7.50.12 PM
  12. “Like” items that you would buy at a lower price
    • Finally, a small but helpful trick to finding clothes at the lowest price is to simply “like” or “add to wishlist” an item that you would potentially buy if the price were to drop.  By doing this, many stores will then email you when that item is added to sale or its price is lowered.  They also notify you when that item is low in stock or when your size that they might have been out of comes back into stock.  Easy, but extremely useful!


Five Big Trends to Wear this Holiday Season

This time of year, it feels like the pressure is on; pressure to keep up to date, pressure to keep your life together, and pressure to look your best as to not appear like an emotional wreck (I’m looking at you college students).  The winter weather and stress might be bringing you into a slump, but with the holidays coming up, everything will get better.  I personally love the style from this time of year with the vibrant Christmas colors, snuggling layers, and plenty of festive cheer.  Here are five new and continuing trends that are perfect for the season; for parties and family gatherings alike.

  1.    Bold Plaid:  My love affair with plaid becomes full-fledged uncontrollable during the Christmas season.  This winter trend comes back year after year, but it seems that recently, plaid has been taken to new heights.  Bold pants, big dramatic layers, and fun dresses all scream with Christmas spirit while staying fresh and classic.



  2.     Velvet:  Arguably the biggest trend of the season, velvet has emerged as much more than the stuffy dresses you wore as a kid to get all “dazzled up”.  Brands are making everything in velvet nowadays including blazers, purses, boots, and dresses in many different color variations.  Wearing black velvet this holiday season is a perfect way to look effortlessly trendy while still looking sophisticated and festive.


3.    Camel Coats:  This retro winter trend is making a huge comeback in a great way.  The classic style is a perfect way to elevated your winter closet as an alternative to the frumpy and bulky down parka.  Arrive in class with a nice simple silhouetted camel coat.


4.      Faux Fur Layering:  Faux Fur is undergoing a revolution.  Once considered a tacky and cheap alternative to the real thing, a desire to amp up the quality and become more ethical has recently changed the way fashion has looked at the winter tread.  Fun colors and the ability to add copious amounts of warmth to an outfit will drive you to invest in a statement faux fur piece.


5.      Metalic and Sparkles:  To make the ultimate statement this holiday season, be bold with a bright skirt or dress that fully embodies the Christmas spirit.  What is great about this trend is that the bright sparkles really contrast the gloomy winter weather, making everything more festive and fun for the holidays.  It is kind of like Christmas lights on clothing!

Jewelry – My Go-tos, Trends, and How I Store it in my Dorm

Ahh jewelry- a girl’s much needed sparkly best friend.  It is an odd thing, jewelry; fun, while also serving as a frequent last ditch effort to spice up an outfit.  People don’t tend to have a go-to jewelry supplier like they do with clothes as it is often associated with impulse buys, and “I have no idea where I got this” kind of purchases.  However, jewelry trends are always evolving, and are frequently in our faces when we exploring seasonal vogue and the going ons in the fashion world.  While the trends are fleeting and not always worth the hassle, many pieces have the potential to remain timeless.  I personally tend to gravitate towards jewelry that will be worth the purchase, since I have all too many times boughten a piece that I never where due to it being too unique and funky.  When going about jewelry shopping, I say to myself “How many outfits would you where that with” because I have given up on pieces that really only work with one outfit.  I find that keeping it simple (think pearls and neutral colored statement necklaces) have a more powerful effect on an outfit, as they will not overshadow the holistic appeal of a look.

Below, I have listed some of my favorite jewelry pieces that I have acquired from an eclectic mix of stores.  I tend to get my larger pieces from bigger lifestyle-like brands, while smaller pieces come from a variety of random boutiques.  I find that cool jewelry can truly be found in the most random of places, you just have to look and keep your eyes open.  In addition, the typical dorm life of a college student does not always accommodate the needs of a fashion obsessed girl.  This means that storage space for necessities such as jewelry is hard to come by.  I have attached a guide to the storage solutions that have worked great for me in keeping all my stuff organized.

Nice and Neutral:  I have a strong love for pearls.  They are simple, elegant and classic, making them the perfect addition to any outfit.  In addition, small silver jewelry is always great to have when you are trying to be more subtle.  The heart studs and ring are from a Tiffany collection, a great classic brand, while the rest are boutique pieces.


Vintage Statement Earrings:  I love wearing one of these when I need to add a little something to an otherwise dull outfit, but I still want it to be subdued and not over the top.  They are fancy, but not crazy, and work well with more neutral colors.  All of these are from vintage shops or are hand me downs.


Trendy Statement Earrings:  J Crew, which I know I talk about a lot, has a great selection of higher quality statement jewelry that is very trendy and fun.  Their site has kind of become my destination for jewelry when I want to find a trend such as tassels or oversized earrings.  What is also great is that you can get a lot of it frequently on sale.  Statement jewelry is prefect for when you want to appear more fashion forward and avant-garde.


Simple Elegant Earrings:  Again, I like to wear a lot of silver because it goes with everything.  Here are examples of “statement-like” earrings that are not as colorful, yet easy to wear.  Found, once again, at small boutiques.


Statement Necklaces:  These three here are from J Crew, and go well with pretty much any sweater or plain blouse.  Sometimes, sweaters can seem a little drab, but, by adding a fun necklace, the outfit can turn into something much more chic and feminine.  Clear crystal is a great way to go, while tortoise and link designs are trends that have lasted a few seasons.

Here are some other great necklaces from anthropology that go great with everything!

I personally love fun necklaces since they are so exciting and funky!  Check out https://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/jewelry.jsp?sidecar=true and https://www.anthropologie.com/jewelry-necklaces for more.

As for storage, living in a dorm makes it a little difficult to have all of my accessories organized.  However, I manage with a couple of great displays that are both cute and practical.

I received this cute little earring holder from my FitFabFun box, and I love the ascetic.  It is from a company called Imm Living/1993 that specializes in ceramics and wire holders.  I love how it sits like a piece of art on my desk while still being extremely useful.


Hooks and Command Stripes are a given in college, but you can easily find nicer looking ones like what I have pictured to hang necklaces.  It looks must less tacky, and puts a little bit of sparkle into my room.  Find them at Target.


The Container Store is known for their storage solutions, and they do not disappoint when it comes to storing jewelry.  Hooks with dishes like this one acts as a two for one, since I can hang necklaces and bracelets while storing earrings and rings on the bottom.  The space it takes up is pretty much vertical too which makes it easy to find space for.


There you have it; my random guide to jewelry and jewelry holders.  Hopefully you find this inspiring for adding a little sparker to your wardrobe!

September Picks

Every month, as part of my rebranding, I’ve decided to share tidbits and suggestions on what’s new and out there in terms of music, style, movies, and news.  I’ll write about what I’ve been up to and what I’ve discovered, along with trends in my world and the world around me.  I hope to spread insight to tips!

What I’ve been listening to:

Since I haven’t been at college for long, and I’m still not super comfortable with my surroundings, I’ve gathered some older goodies that make me think of home and my journey in a good comforting way.


Things to watch:

  •  House of Z- A Vogue DocumentaryScreen Shot 2017-09-17 at 7.39.22 PM
    • As a part of a fashion week special, Vogue came out with documentary portraying the rise, fall and rebound of the young star designer Zac Posen, designer of his own atelier and top creative director at Brooks Brother’s Women.  I came across the documentary randomly, and decided to look into it. It was very well done and interesting to watch.  Highly recommend.
  • Outlander Season 3
    • The popular Starz original has returned with an anticipated 3rd season that can be watched either on Starz or Xfinity.  Based on a series of novels, the show follows a young nurse named Claire as she finds herself time traveling away from a post-WW2 England into a 18th century Scotland.  Season 2 ended with a major cliff-hanger which promises an intense return of the series.


College Game Day season!

  • As a college freshman, I have been stocking up on cute apparel to showcase my school spirit.  Baseball caps and beads are great go-tos while rugby shirts are making their way into must-have lists.
  • I also love my Spirit Shoes from Jack Rogers.  They have their own special collection where their iconic sandal is made in school colors making them perfect for sporting events, or when you feel the need to display school pride.  You can have them custom made, or if your like me, you can get the boater style Jacks which are waterproof, lighter and cheaper than the originals.


    Game Day Essentials!


Fashion Week Franticness

  • Guess what?  It’s September, meaning that the fashion capitals of the world are being/ will be swarmed with celebrities, models, designers, and reporters; all trying to get a glimpse of what will be in style this coming year.  Being mid-way through, many trends have emerged that seem to be worthy of attention such as sequins on dresses, skirts and shirts, velvet everything, oversized blazers, and statement faux fur pieces.  I’ve compiled links to these trends below.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.12.26 PM

Can be found at https://www.jcrew.com/p/womens_category/outerwear/puffersandvests/fauxfur-vest/H0514.  This vest is perfect for fall.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.17.48 PM

White after labour day?  YES, why not.  I’m a stickler for tradition and rules, but when it comes to the color white,  I am all for wearing it year round.  It’s totally acceptable if you love white like me, and no one will judge you anymore.  Vogue has even denounced the old rule.  Anyways, white shoes are huge this year.  The ones here are Rebecca Minkoff loafers, and can be found on ShopBop.  Click here:  https://www.shopbop.com/edie-loafers-rebecca-minkoff/vp/v=1/1500861073.htm?folderID=13872&fm=other-shopbysize-viewall&os=false&colorId=12397



I’m obsessed with this velvet shoe trend, and I’m hoping to personally get a pair for winter because they are so cool and classy.  Here are two kinds that can be from at Saks.  The first one is from Joie and can be found here: https://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524447072505 .  The second one is Ash, and can be found here: https://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374306624251&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524447128034&R=191154032051&P_name=Ash&N=306624251+1556&bmUID=lW4UFGO

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.58.00 PM

Sequins are another unique trend that’s definitely out there.  If your daring enough, this is differently the time to go invest in a sequined piece such as this one from Topshop.  http://us.topshop.com/en/tsus/product/petite-sequin-plunge-mini-dress-6758504?bi=0&ps=20&Ntt=sequins


Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.49.16 PM

Blazers are big right now.  And what’s even bigger, large oversized printed blazers such as ones with strips or gingham.  Have fun with this classy trend.  This one pictured is from Club Monaco and can be found on sale here: http://www.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=89247636


Tip for living the college life


  • Did you know that Sephora has a great shipping and awards program?  Well, if you sign up for free, you can not only get points towards free stuff when you need to order mascara last minute, but get 3 free samples of your choice in your order.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll take anything free, and samples are a great way of trying new products and such from the bubble of a college campus.  What is more, Sephora will send you perfume samples to test which are actually really enjoyable to get in the mail.


  • I ordered a great sleeping mask from them when I discovered a need for one week two into college (who would have thought that was an essential?).  It helps me fall asleep much better, and is super light and soft.  The silk also prevent my eyes from having marks the next morning too!  Get one here at: https://www.sephora.com/product/silk-sleepmask-P402942?skuId=1771294&icid2=products%20grid:p402942


Exploring London- Part 2, When/Where to Shop

Hello again!  Yes, I love shopping, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I spent a lot of time while in London exploring the famous department stores and street side boutiques.  I happened to be in London during their bi-annual sales week which occurs towards the end of June.  That being said, pretty much every store had a large selection of clothes 50% off and more.  Department stores, such as Harrods, went all out.  The annual Harrods sale is the only one they have a year, meaning that yes, the place is mobbed, but they dedicate a whole floor to sale items, along with sales up and down the rows of designer collections making it well worth the visit.

This might just sound like heaven in a shopper’s paradise, and it pretty much is.  However, I knew that the sales would draw crowds to prime shopping areas near my hotel in Knightsbridge.  It was true, and I definitely noticed more people on Saturday than Friday, but I took advantage of the limited shoppers on Friday and shopped all over the city.  Below, I have compiled a list of my favorite, along with the best shopping that I experience while I spent time in London this summer in celebration of London Fall Fashion Week starting this weekend.

  • Liberty’s and Regent StreetLiberty’s was my personal favorite.  The building itself is charming and perfectly reflects British culture.  Although known for its famous prints,   Liberty has a great collection of mid to high range British designers out of London.  The sale there was particularly good with an entire floor half off.  They also have an array of home goods and decor.
    • Regent Street is very popular for mid to high price range chain stores.  It can get very crowded, however.
  • Bond Street and Burlington ArcadeA little window shopping never killed anybody, and this rings true to this glitzy area.  Bond Street is home to flagship stores of both British and international Haute Couture houses.  The well-heeled crowd is fun to watch, and who says you cannot have a look around.  I personally love doing that, in order to find inspirational from my dreams.The Arcade is famous for its jewelry and watch displays, and it is worth a visit to experience the quaint yet grande architecture that fills the narrow strip.  There is also a Ladurée shop at the end which sells divine macaroons that do actually live up to their hype.
  • Fortum and Mason IMG_7704
    • Very close to the high streets of Mayfair, Fortum and Mason is a food haven.  The department store specializes in delicacies, and has an immense display of speciality tea.  I’ll admit it, I’m a tea snob, so their food hall was paradise for me.  I had stopped here to grab lunch at their great café, and ended up spending over an hour such gazing at all the delicious preserves, candies, and groceries that they had.  In addition, I smelled and tested every kind of tea until I had them package a special one for me.  An amazing experience if you are into food shopping.
  • Harrods and Brompton Road
  • Probably the most famous department store in the world, Harrods doesn’t disappoint.  The massive over the top fashion mecca is stocked full with any high end designer and fashion house possible, along with middle market British brands, cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories.  The food halls are a whole other story with each room filled to the brim with different gourmet produces. They actually have a lot of decent take out options that can be eaten on the go (my hotel was right near by, so it was super convenient to grab food here), in addition to sit down places.  On this particular trip, I visited Harrods twice for multiple hours at a time, and I still didn’t feel like I saw close to the whole thing, but the size is amazing to gawk at!  Tip: go early in the morning and not on the weekend, when the tourist haven’t arrived yet.  It might still be crowded,  but the crowd will be either locals or actual interested shoppers, making the experience more authentic.
    • Brompton Road surrounds Harrods, and hosts large flagship stores and British chains.  There’s a huge Zara and Topshop for fast fashion fans, in addition to a flagship Burberry, Ted Baker London, and All Saints.
  • Sloane Street and BelgraviaIMG_7961
    • Another area that is optimal for window shopping; Sloane street is adjacent to Brompton Road and is lined with designer labels.  Harvey Nichols is another department store that calls Sloane Street home, and while I heard it is worth while, I didn’t get the opportunity to explore it on my trip.  Alas, something to look forward to for my next visit.
    • Right near that, there are a handful of side streets in Belgravia that have a lot of local ateliers and boutiques that are super fascinating to go into.  I was amazed by the fact that these tiny unassuming store fronts could produce masterpieces with fabric.

It seems like I cannot get enough of British fashion, and I couldn’t help to love everywhere I shopped in London.  I hope this guide’s helpful for fellow fashionistas!

Exploring London- Part 1: What to see

Hello world!  I write to you from my dorm room in upstate New York relishing this brief period of free time that I currently have.  School has been going well, but more on that later.  Right now, I’m reminiscing on the amazing summer that just “ended” yesterday.  One of the highlights from my last high school summer included a once in a life time trip to London.  My grandparents took my brother and I on a 7 day journey across the Atlantic from New York to Southampton, England on the world-renown ocean linear, the RMS Queen Mary 2.  The voyage was a super relaxing and fun opportunity, but, for me, the anticipation to arrive back in my favorite city made me so excited to get to England.

I had been to London once before when I was younger, and my lasting impression of it was that we did not spend even close to enough time there.  This time around, I had the same feeling of un-satisfaction that I had the first time I visited the city.  I don’t know what it is about London, but it sure is a hard place to leave even with its infamous cool dreary weather.  It might be the lively atmosphere, or the enduring charm of the storybook buildings, or, better yet, the quirky, yet attractive culture of tradition mixed with modern sensitivity.  If you cannot tell, I love London, and, because of that, I will be sharing tips and suggestion from my trip in a three-part series while I desperately try to grasp onto the last glimpses of summer.  It might take a while since I’m still trying to adjust to my new surroundings, but I hope to continue writing while in college.

When I arrived in June after a 2 hour drive through rolling hills of green, the city was a sweating thermos.  Supposedly, the day before we arrived, the temperatures were the highest they had been in 40 years.  Who knew we’d be complaining about the heat in London (of all places)?  Still, we took advantage of the dog days of summer by walking around the bustling streets, and sipping away at delicious elderflower cordials from Harrods (a refreshing must try).



Walking the London streets has to be one of my favorite feelings.  I probably looked like an idiot while I observed the walls, doors and iron work of the buildings, but, believe me, there was no way to prevent myself.  Even though I was there for only 5 days or so, I made a habit of strolling around in the morning.  I swear by the steps on my Fitbit, and it gave me much satisfaction to see myself easily crushing my 10,000 step goal early in the day.  Between the quaint residential streets, and the majestic parks such as Hyde Park, there are plenty of fabulous places to explore.  I highly recommend taking some time to observe the wonderful London surroundings when visiting the city.



The museum scene in London is rich with plenty of unique options ranging from culture, history, art, and science.  This time around, I visited the Imperial War Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Both were extremely well done and insightful.  The War Museum has an amazing interactive exhibit on World War 1 that walks you through the details of the war from the start to armistice day.  There are many more exhibits throughout the museum, but I didn’t get the chance to explore due to the sheer amount of time it took to get through one massive exhibit.  The V and A is a classic London museum that plays host to an immense collection of 3D art and design; all preserved in an old beautiful Neoclassical building.  The renaissance tapestries and ancient sculpture galleries are wonders to behold, and I loved the British fashion history exhibit which showcases important work from both english and european designers throughout history.


You of course have to go see a show in London!  There are plenty of broadway-esque shows playing in the west end theater district which are fabulous to see, but a lesser known secret is Shakespeare’s Globe on the south bank.  The theater is a complete replica of the original with cheap standing room seats, basic scenery and balconies.  The vibe is super fun, and the theater does a great job showing adaptations that appeal to younger audiences.  I attended a performance of Romeo and Juliet which was super well done despite it being unconventional.


My favorite day in London was spent at the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio which is located right outside of London.  Being a crazy Harry Potter fan, I felt overwhelmed being on all the sets of my favorite movies.  The tour is quite intensive, carrying you through multiple sets, both inside and out, and takes about 3 hours to complete.  One big highlight is the butter beer that is available for purchase midway through the tour.  They also have butter beer ice cream that I highly recommend as a way to cool off on a steamy summer day.

Suggestion:  If you go visit Warner Bros studio, take the train from Euston station to Watford, a suburb about 20 miles outside of London.  It’s fairly cheap and fast compared to a taxi.  Once you arrive in Watford, shuttles will take you directly to the exhibit.  For more details visit https://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/getting-here.



Alright, next time, which hopefully will be a little bit sooner now that I’m starting to get the hang of this college thing, I’ll write about my shopping experiences and London fashion.  Stay tuned!


I’m Back!

Hello readers (who probably forgot about me), and non readers who I want to become readers!  I apologize for not writing these last months as I’ve been extremely busy with graduation, senior obligations, college decisions, and travel.  Everything has been a ton of fun, however, and I have now finally found time to share my fun with you!

A lot has been going on in my life recently including 2 big international trips, and myself preparing to move to New York for school.  With summer coming to an end, I’m hoping to share the adventures that I’ve had, and will have before I head out to school.  I’m trying to revamp the blog so that it’s  more of a overall lifestyle blog with me sharing tips and wisdom from my life centered around my favorites hobbies (food, travel, and fashion).

Then, once I move out to New York (and by the way, NY means small college town living, not city that never sleeps), I will focus on trying to live a fulfilled, adventurous, and classy college life.  I will share tidbits on how I’m doing that, in addition to travel.  My college’s location is a tad isolation from city life, but I believe that I’m going to have easy access to cities up and down the east coast, in addition to the atlantic shore and charming small town life.  I cannot wait to hopefully expand this blog while focusing on a more college student targeted audience!

I will try to post more content in the next couple of days, as I attempt to revamp everything!

Thank you, Addie ❤

March Style Guide-Spring Break!


It’s crazy to think how fast Spring Break is coming up.  I only realized a few days ago that I’m flying across the world in less than two weeks which is slightly frightening.  Not only does Spring Break offer a fabulous excuse to travel, but it allows for a momentary and well deserved break from bitterly cold weather of Minnesota, meaning the summer clothes get to come out!

It is often strange to sort through clothes that you’d put aside for half a year, but it is most certainly satisfy.  I find that I always want to wear the most tropical and colorful clothes that I have to truly take advantage of the wonderful sunny climate of most Spring Break destinations.  I also really try to wear the lightest dresses (when I’m not on the beach) as the last thing I want to put on a ton of clothes.  Here is some inspiration for a perfect Spring Break suitcase!


Off-the-shoulders are all the rage right now making a dress, such as this J Crew one, perfect for a tropical destination.  J Crew has them in many solid colors as well as strip ones.  They’re super simple and light which allows them to be used as a cover up, in addition to a daily sun dress.  


This bright and formal dress is from Lilly, a company that screams Spring Break.  I love the unique prints that make up the companies name.  This dress here is a tent dress that has adjustable spaghetti straps, and is made from the most refreshing material.  


I realize that this shirt looks strange on the mannequin, but I love the print.  The shirt is from J Crew and the shorts are from Lilly.  


Another more formal dress.  This one is from Vineyard Vines and I find it to be truly tropical.  Vineyard Vines has a great special Spring Break campaign that offers the perfect clothes for a vacation.  

Fall Essentials #3- Rain Boots

A recent trend in the last couple of years has been rise of Hunter Boots among both teenagers and adults.  Unlike its precursor, Ugg Boots, Hunters are practical and have an established history of being a reliable Wellington Boot brand.  The boots have been the official rain boots for the British Royal Family, in addition to being used extensively during both World Wars.  Although the boots have only recently become a phenomena in the States, the company has been around for about 150 years.

The product is practically a simple rain boot, but what Hunter does differently to attract gaggles of teenage girls is that they promote the stylish side of the boots through campaigns and overall brand image.  They make rain boots a cold season staple, going along the lines of leather boots and, previously, Ugg Boots.   One major difference that might have had an impact on their rise was that Hunters, being rain boots, are water proof.  However, Ugg are notoriously not, making Hunters the choice for rainy and snowy days.  In fact, Hunters are the perfect choice for fickle weather since they prepare you for anything.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 9.28.05 AM.png

Examples of campaigns that emphasize Hunter’s practicality…

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 9.27.49 AM.png

And style.  

What I love about my Hunters is that I can wear them with anything in any weather.  Mine are the classic tall shiny black ones which I love because of the neutrality.  Right now, they are my go-to shoes since I tend to wear mainly sweaters and jeans in November.  Although the black is a perfect neutral color, the boots come in countless fun colors, brightened by shiny finishes.  The choices are a bit overwhelming, but whatever kind you want, you are sure to get plenty of use out of them.


Some of the brightly colored choices that Hunter provides.